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Obstetrics and Gynecology

It deals with women's health. Currently there are two clinics in one. One of them being obstetric clinic in which in which it focuses on provision of health services to pregnant women and their unborn children. The clinic receives women with various health problems from all Njombe councils as well as neighboring regions such as Ruvuma, Mbeya and Iringa. Since its inception at our new facility, we have several deliveries, no maternal or neonatal deaths. Our first SVD was on 12th August 2019 and on 22nd august 2019 we had our first cesarean section which was also successful .since then obstetric patients has continued to enjoy high quality health services.

In Gynecology clinics, we provide health care service to all other non- pregnant women we see wide range of diseases from begin to malignant conditions. Some of these conditions needed to be operated for treatment. We had our first successful laparotomy using our new theater on 19th August 2019. Since then to this date of 15th October 2019 we have operated successfully a total of 35 clients have been operated successfully and recovered.

Department also renders referrals to patients who need further management at zonal and tertiatiary facilities. A total number of 4 patients have been given refferals to a Mbeya Zonal Refferal Hospital and Mhimbili Hospital.