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Customer Care and QA

Roles and Responsibilities of Customer care and QA

  • Coordinating all QI activities within a hospital
  • Training hospital staff on QI program
  • Assessing competency of each QIT member, and moreover, organize training/learning session for QIT member based on the results of competency check
  • Conducting situation analysis before implementing any QI program
  • Developing an action plan and reviewing periodically based on the results of periodical M&E
  • Allocating resources in effective and efficient manner for QI activities
  • Implementing QI activities for solving “common” and/or “cross-cutting” problems observed in a hospital
  • Conducting periodical M&E, and provide technical advices to WITs
  • Having a responsibility for record keeping and archives of all QI activities conducted in a hospital
  • Developing periodical report of QI activities with current status and achievement of QI activities
  • Having regular communication with HMT periodically
  • Having succession plan for sustainability